Ulster Canal Clones to Lough Erne

Project Description

This is a proposed reopening of a 12km section of canal between Clones, Co. Cavan, Republic of Ireland and Lough Erne Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. This canal was closed back in the 1930's and the proposal is to reopen the canal. Parts of the existing canal have been filled in other areas are over grown. For this project still images animations and photomontages were created along the route which weaved in and out of the border between the republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Starting off at a proposed Marina in Clones the canal route went through a number of existing bridges and proposed bridges including a lifting bridge at Munnilly. The route then went through a double lock at Gortnacarrow to take the boats down to an existing Finn river and then on to Lough Erne.


We created an animation of the full length of the canal including 360o animations at Clones, Mullany and Gort na Carrow for public presentation and design information.


High resolution images were taken at various locations along the route for public presentation and design information.


A number of photomontages were taken along the route at areas of interest defined by the client for public information and consultation. These photomontages were created by taking photographs at various locations along the route. Then using specialised software the 3D model was accurately placed into the the photographs so the public in the locality and the designers could see exactly how the design fitted in to the surrounding landscape and environment.

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