BIM is a new process in the construction industry, where the project is virtually built as a 3D model, and at the same time capturing data. The advantage of this process over traditional drawing methods is that any issues that would normally be found and sorted out on site are now found at design stage, through design reviews using methods such as clash detection, analysis, and simulation. Virtually building the project and finding issues at design stage improves coordination, saving money on the overall cost of the project.


At Siscín, we help companies implement BIM into their existing workflow. Starting down the BIM road can be daunting to a company; we help companies get onto the BIM path by working with the company and staff to help them integrate BIM into their existing workflow and avoiding common mistakes made by many companies. We help companies create BIM standards and integrate BIM into their existing drawing standards, and offer support to the users to help get them up to speed and more efficient in the BIM software.

If your company has a new project or a larger project then you normally deal with, Siscín can get involved at an early stage to advise on the project. We often get involved in projects where different softwares are used to help coordinate the project, or act as support to the BIM Manager/Coordinator and users.

If you are a company that does not use BIM in today to day but need advise and help working on BIM project with designers who use BIM. We can work seamlessly with your staff as your as the BIM department, advising and help your business understand BIM.


We can offer in-house training to the BIM-users and non-users on a project. Our training can start with basic BIM software training, taking users to an advanced level over the course of the project. All training courses can be customised to suit a company's or project's particular needs. We have developed a BIM training path for both BIM-modellers and non-modellers. We are constantly adding to, and improving, our BIM courses. For further information on our BIM courses please contact us to discuss your training requirements. We also work in partnership with BIM software re-sellers in both Ireland and the UK.


If you have a modelling requirement we can either do the modelling for you, or help you with your modelling. We have a highly experienced BIM modelling team who are available to work with you on your project and help you hit your deadlines on time.

Open BIM

Many projects these days require more than one BIM software type to complete a project. As a number of BIM softwares don't use the same file formats, an Open BIM approach such as IFC, or coordination and review software, has to be used  to coordinate the project effectively. Siscín can advise and support your project team work and implement an open BIM environment.

Please contact us to discuss your BIM or project needs in complete confidentiality.