Taking BIM to the Next Level

Siscín are a highly specialised 3D visualisation company taking 3D to the next level.

Providing premium quality 3D animation, photomontages, images  and digital prototyping to Engineering, Architectural and construction companies across the globe.  

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Siscín are the leading BIM consultants. We provide BIM coordination, BIM integration, training and support services.

With experience in all disciplines, Siscín can help you deliver your BIM project to the highest standard.

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Siscín deliver high quality BIM and CAD training.  All courses can be customised around an individual company or project.

Our trainers have industry experience so you are getting high quality training .

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Siscín offer recruitment services both to the employer to find the right contract staff and the employee to find a contract.

As a BIM solutions company we can train and assess staff so you can be assured you are getting the best staff available.