Bergen Light Rail

Project Description

This project is a 7.2km light rail line from Lagunan to the airport at Flesland. Siscín were involved in numerous aspects of this project including 3D modelling, Lighting analysis, high resolution images, visualisation & training.

3D modelling

Siscín were involved in modelling numerous aspects of this project such as buildings, overhead lines, track, track form, retaining walls, fencing, zoning model, ducting, excavation models, kerbing, & landscaping. We worked very closely with the design teams. The software's we used were Revit, MicroStation, Civil 3D and 3D Studio Max.


Animations were created at various points along the route for design review and client presentation.


High resolution images were taken at various locations along the route for client presentation and design review.

Lighting analysis

Working with the lighting engineers we produced lighting analysis in the Dryhvod tunnel to test various lighting scenarios and help the lighting design team design the optimal lighting design.

Coordination & Review

Siscín were involved in creating coordination models for review and clash checking.


Siscín provided 2D an 3D Microstaion & Revit training to the design & Modelling teams. Support was also provided to all members of the design teams in AutoCAD, MicroStation and Revit.

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