A VideoMontage is a 3D model of a proposed project placed into video footage showing how the proposed project will look in relation to the surrounding environment. The advantage of the VideoMontage is you can fly around the project seeing the virtual project in it's surrounding environment.

Using the latest in camera match technology we can track the path of the video camera then the 3D/BIM model can be added to the video. In the video below you can see the original footage on the left. On the right the only models in the video are the 4 buildings.

How do we get the video

The video can be obtained using fixed wing, UAV's or Drone. High resolution quality camera are used to take the footage.

Create a 3D model from drone video

Once we have captured the aerial photos or video we can create a 3D model from the information contained in the video footage. Below is a 3D ground model created from the footage in the above video.

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