Experience your Design


What is virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a visual and Sound experience that allows you immerse yourself in a 3D computer generated environment using virtual Reality glasses.

Bringing your project into a virtual reality will help the designers understand how the project will work and in its surroundings and proposed environment.

Siscín are bringing Virtual Reality to the health and safety and BIM industry.


Bim models can be taken into Virtual Reality to allow the designers or clients to walk around and experience their design and get a real feel of spatial awareness of the design. The interactive animations contain materials and textures unlike most design review software’s currently available



Health and Safety         

 Using virtual reality we can create immersive training simulations that give the trainee the feeling that they are on an oil rig or in a building using sight and sound.

Virtual Reality allow you to place the trainees in dangerous and hazardous situations that train and test the trainee’s reactions while in a safe virtual environment.

Dan using the VR technology to walk around an oil rig
Dan using the VR technology to walk around an oil rig



Virtual Reality in design allows the project team to interactively walk around a design as if they were walking around the proposed environment. This immersive environment gives the project team the full feeling and spacial awareness that currently is not available through current design review software.

Using Virtual Reality and the latest in animation technology design review and test scenarios can be created tested and studied.