Siscín are a highly specialised 3D company taking 3D to the next level. Providing premium quality 3D animation,Interactive animations,  Video-montages, and digital prototyping to Engineering, Architectural, pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas and the construction industry across the globe.  

High quality 3D models are now required on projects to communicate the design to clients, investors, the public and members of the design team.  We work closely with the design team to provide highly accurate visualisations for for tasks such as design checks, site analysis, lighting analysis, material checks and lighting.

Listed below are some of the types of animations we provide. Please refer to our BIMAmation page for further information on other type of animations

Siscín can work with your team to produce technically correct animations for 

  • Project Communication     
  • Construction Reviews
  • Client Review
  • Investor Presentations
  • Sight Line analysis
  • Simulations

Flythrough animations

Fly through animations are often used by clients to show the detail of a project. They are animations that fly around the project. The may show moving vehicles and people, and have a photograph quality to them.

Walk Through Animations

Walk Through animations are animations that show the project from the point of view of a person walking, driving, sailing, cycling. These animations have a photographic quality to them.

Sight Line Analysis

Sight Line analysis animations show the view of a driver when travelling through a design. This can help pick up any sight line issues that may occur. Using 3D animation software and customised scripts Siscín can insure that the vehicles are travelling at accurate speeds based on the design teams speed profiles.

Traffic and Pedestrian Simulation

Working with the design team Siscín can produce accurate traffic and pedestrian simulations.

Shadow Studies

Siscín can produce Sun simulation show how shadows are cast by a building or object over a period of time.

Product Simulations

Working with accurate 3D models of proposed products. Siscín can produce digital animated prototypes for product testing and to explain the product to perspective clients and investors.

Interactive animations

Siscín can produce interactive animations. These are animations where you can walk through the design interactively as if you were in a computer game.